Xiphias Map 1.14.3

Survival Minecraft was it’s most fun for me when it was new. When there were unknown locations to discover – and the rules of the game weren’t fully understood. Xiphias was made to give that feeling of discovery back, with a mix of CTM (Complete the Monument) elements to give you a set of goals to achieve.

Xiphias is a world consisting of 3 unique areas, each with their own slightly different rules. Limited resources, modified recipes and drops, custom rewards, and an all new set of Advancements.


Ready to jump in? Everything you need to know to play can be learned in-game. Or if you prefer, read below for some more information about what makes Xiphias different.

Xiphias zif-ē-əs
Version: 1.14.1-19.05.14
1-2 Players, CTM Adventure
Difficulty: 6/10 for Survival Players, 3/10 for Experienced CTM Players
Length: Around 4 Hours
for Minecraft Version 1.14.1

No matter where on Xiphias you are, there are some ‘Quality of Life’ changes you’ll enjoy. Grinding for materials is not an intended part of this experience.

+ Furnace times have been halved.
+ Ores drop ingots directly (and are affected by Fortune).
+ Most crafting recipes output more items than normal.

When you first visit a location you will be given a Travel Brochure specific to that area. We have limited copies, so we can only give each person one. Please take care to not lose it.


Each location in Xiphias has a few key areas worth exploring. It should be clear just by looking around. But feel free to explore anywhere if that’s fun for you. This isn’t the infinite world you are used to – each area has limited space. But really, that’s part of the charm. If at any point you’d rather be somewhere else, just crouch down and sit sill. We’ll bring you back to the Xiphias hub after a few (5) seconds.

To complete this map, you’ll want to become best friends with the Advancements screen. Limited crafting is set to true, and not all recipes you know and love will be with you on this adventure. Check out this helpful note found in the Advancements screen:


Your next best friend will be the Recipe Book. You’ll want to check this at the start of your trip to see what you already know how to craft. For any recipe you unlock, it will also be added here.


So now are you ready to jump in? … What if I told you there was an added recipe for an often overlooked item? (maybe 2) Do squids normally drop this item? I can’t remember sometimes with all the changes made.


How about loot chests? I heard kids love these things! Very random – and no micro-transactions.


We hope you decide to visit Xiphias. I know you’ll enjoy your stay. Here is the link again so you don’t even need to scroll back up.

A few quick notes…

To my fellow mappers. Please dig through my files, pull it apart, see how it all works. If there is something you can use for your own project – take it. A nod this direction would be nice, by not required. There are also a lot of fun things hidden in the files. Most of it won’t mean anything to anybody – but maybe that makes it more fun.

Speedrunners, hello. I am working on getting us a page on Once it is there, this section will be updated. If it can’t be, this section will be updated – but differently. In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to optimize your route – including careful planning and a fair share of cheese. Sub 1 hour may be possible. Understanding how the Advancements detect completion will also play a key role. This map will give an accurate play time on each wool placement and a final time for full completion. There is more, but we’ll discuss that later.

Until next time…


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